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About Kon Lighting

Is Kon Lighting A Real Factory?2021-01-11T17:20:30+08:00

Absolutely YES. We have factory in China to manufacture led outdoor landscape lighting fixtures for more than 10 years.

Where is Kon Lighting Located?2021-01-11T17:20:59+08:00

Kon Lighting is located in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. We can arrange shipment from port Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, etc.

What Can I Get From Kon Lighting?2021-01-11T16:38:17+08:00

As a led landscape lighting manufacturer, Kon Lighting supply you various kinds of led garden lights, underwater pool lights, solar lights. You can also enjoy our trouble-free customer service during working with us.

How Can I Get Quick Response?2024-03-07T09:58:59+08:00

Send an Inquiry on the Kon Lighting Website, send an email, or contact our sales manager Ms Ho at WhatsApp / WeChat: +86 13715550885

Swimming Pool Lights

Where should the swimming pool lights be placed?2020-12-30T22:09:46+08:00

It depends on what type of swimming pool you have, you need to consider its shape and also the swimming pool lights that you are going to install.  No matter the swimming pool lights are surface-mounted or recessed mounted, you need to place them at an equal distance from one to another, you should ensure all the swimming pool lights in the pool distribute even lighting across the water. If your pool is curved then you may need to take into account the beam spread of the light and the angle with which the light will be projected.

How do swimming pool lights work?2020-12-30T21:59:05+08:00

There is no big difference between swimming pool lights and normal lighting function, the only difference is underwater use function requires waterproof sealed structure to prevent the water goes inside the swimming pool lights. Also, the working voltage should be 12V 24V as a safety voltage.

Is it worthy to use LED swimming pool lights?2021-01-04T17:49:22+08:00

LED swimming pool lights price is higher than halogen or incandescent lights. However, most LED lights have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours, while the incandescent pool lights last only 5,000 hours. What’s more, the LED swimming pool lights have lower electricity consumption to save energy. Therefore, in long-term consideration, led swimming pool lights are a worthwhile investment.

Can I use underwater pool lights outside the water?2020-12-30T22:41:30+08:00

Most of the swimming pool lights are made of stainless steel for underwater use, and they can be cooled by the water when working inside the swimming pool. When the underwater swimming pool lights are used out of the water, the stainless steel housing is not good for heat dissipation. Too high working temperature will damage the LED and swimming pool lights may stop working. So the underwater swimming pool lights are not availabe for using outside the water.

How deep should the swimming pool lights be installed?2021-01-04T17:46:44+08:00

For the surface-mounted or recessed mounted swimming pool lights, the suggested installation depth is 600-700mm, if the swimming pool lights are installed too deep, they can light up the pools well, people can only see shine spots under lamp inside the water. It is not good for safety.

Will the swimming pool lights cause the leak of electricity in the water?2021-01-04T17:47:55+08:00

The swimming pool lights have full waterproof cable, which can prevent water from entering. The whole structure of swimming pool lights are sealed well, all the electrical parts are glued to be away from the water. The working voltage of the swimming pool lights shall be 12V or 24V, which is a safe voltage for the human body. The installation of swimming pool lights should be 100% with an air switch with leakage protection function.

LED Deck Lights

Can the led deck lights be intalled in concrete?2021-01-17T21:27:18+08:00

Yes, the led deck lights can be installed in concrete, you can build the pre-installation shell into the concrete first, then fix the lamp body in.

Can people walk on the led deck lights?2021-01-17T21:31:35+08:00

Yes, the IP67 led deck light can support people walking on it with tempered glass and a stainless steel cover.

Are LED deck lights suitable for 220V output?2021-01-17T21:38:07+08:00

Yes, the led deck lights can be made compatible with 220v output or 12V/24V output.

Can I use the led deck lights underwater?2021-01-17T21:42:47+08:00

Yes, but only the IP68 waterproof rating led deck lights can be used underwater, not the IP65 or IP67 types.

LED Solar Lights

Why the solar lights led flashing?2021-01-29T20:20:06+08:00

If the solar lights led flashing, it may be caused by the LED chips failure or the PCB problem. If the wire connection was done not good by the solar lights manufacturer, this problem will happen. Again, contact your solar lights supplier to fix them.

Why my solar lights have water inside?2021-01-29T20:28:18+08:00

The solar lights should be IP65 or more for outdoor use, some solar lights manufacturers don’t produce them with good IP65 waterproof function, so water goes inside. In this case, you should contact the solar lights suppliers for new solar light replacement.

Why the color-changing solar lights can’t change colors?2021-01-29T20:28:27+08:00

One reason will be the remote controller problem, need to check if the color-changing solar lights can be controlled by another remote control, if still not, get a new one. Another reason is the LED chips problem, contact the solar lights supplier for replacement, or contact the solar lights manufacturer to fix it.

Why the solar lights are out of control?2021-01-29T20:29:35+08:00

If the solar lights can’t be controlled by the remote controller, which probably is the remote control problem, then you need to get a new remote control. If the solar lights can’t automatically on/off based on lighting change, the problem will be lighting control mode failure, you need to send them back to the solar lights manufacturer for test and fix.

How to control the ON & OFF of the solar lights?2021-01-29T20:31:25+08:00

Normally there are two ways.

No.1 The solar lights will be automatically on when dusk comes and automatically off when dawn comes.

No.2 We can use the remote control to turn the solar lights on or off.

Can the solar lights be charged without sunlight?2021-01-29T20:31:35+08:00

No. The solar lights photovoltaic panel need to absorb sunlight power, exchange it into electricity, and store it in the battery. If there are many cloudy days or rainy days, the solution is to make the solar lights with higher efficiency photovoltaic and higher battery capacity. Of course, the cost of solar lights will arise at the same time.

How To Know The Quality of Solar Lights?2021-01-29T20:32:39+08:00

No.1 Recharging Capacity of the solar lights Photovoltaic Panels

No.2 Electrical Storage Capacity of the solar lights Battery

No. 3 Light Head Quality of the Solar Lights

Two factors that affect solar lights brightness2021-01-29T20:29:15+08:00

No.1 The real working power of solar lights. When people declare the solar light 120w, it is not real 120w, we need to focus on the real working power of the solar light.

No.2 The output of the battery is infected by the wire quality. Good quality solar light wire ensures the good output of the power current from the battery, which can affect the brightness of the solar light as well.

How long is the charging time of a solar light?2021-01-29T20:29:05+08:00

In different regions and different seasons, the solar light charging time needed is different. Normally, if lasting time is more than 3 rainy days required, charging time is longer than 5 hours of usual illuminance supported, that is, about 10 hours of sunlight a day needed.


Is the solar light with higher brightness better?2021-01-29T20:28:56+08:00

Of course not. The total solar light power is equal to lighting brightness × lighting time, so if the total electricity stored in the battery stays the same, the solar light brightness is in reverse proportion to the lighting time of the solar light. The solar light brightness higher, the lasting time shorter. So we need to take into consideration both the solar light brightness and the solar light lasting time.


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