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Kon Lighting: your reliable garden light manufacturer in China

As a leading manufacturer of LED garden lights in China, Kon Lighting started in 2011 with patented spike garden lights, mass producing and selling them worldwide.

Kon Lighting continues to focus on the development and production of LED garden lights, with spike garden lights being its best-selling product. LED lights, wall lights are exported to various lighting distributors from more than 30 countries.

Kon Lighting offers custom designs to suit project requirements and custom packaging for garden lighting is also available.

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How to light up your garden with LED outdoor lighting?

LED garden lights are luminaires that can be used as outdoor lighting for gardens, courtyards and public landscapes to enhance safety and reliability, add lighting design for leisure and outdoor social events.

As a LED garden light manufacturer in China, we have exported a large number of LED street lights to all over the world. Over the years we have supported our clients with many garden landscape lighting projects.

Where to place landscape lighting in the garden?

Where you install your outdoor landscape lighting will depend on your garden/yard, what effect you want to achieve and what garden features you would like to see at night. You may need trees, flowers, paths, or perhaps what you most need is a wall and a fence. You might even want your pool painted in more dynamic colors and your home highlighted with LED lights. Different people have different ideas about garden landscape lighting design. Either way, there are some of the most common places to install LED outdoor lights:

1. Trees and plants
2. Paths and transitions
3. Steps
4. Walls and fences
5. Patio
6. Pools, ponds, artificial fountains or waterfalls.
7. Statues and decorations
8. Recreation areas

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Add a few recessed outdoor lights on steps, paths or underground to enhance the safety of your garden with general lighting and beautify your garden at the same time. LED lights on poles or LED lights along the path are also suitable.

Spike garden lights can be installed near trees and plants, along walls and fences to highlight these areas and enhance the beauty of the space.

Underwater lights can be placed inside water, such as in swimming pools and ponds, and they add more color to the water and make it more active.

If you have a garden statue or other stone crafts for decoration, you can use spotlights to illuminate them so they stand out in your garden at night too.

In areas where people live and carry out activities, you should provide sufficient outdoor lighting to provide general illumination as well as make the areas visible and safe, so low voltage garden lights are necessary.

In addition, the LED color offered is warm white 2700-3200K, the warm and soft light creates warmth and comfort for people, allowing you to relax while in the garden.

Types of LED Garden Lights

LED Flood Lights

Floodlights are used to illuminate large areas where adequate lighting brightness is required for public activities. Floodlights can be mounted on a wall or on the ground to illuminate entire areas of your yard.

Garden Spotlights

Garden lights or garden spotlights are used to highlight certain elements of the garden, such as a tree, plant or wall. Basically, spiked garden lights provide upward illumination and you secure them to the grass or dirt using a spike.

LED Step Lights

Step lights are usually built into concrete and stone steps and stairs for safety reasons. Step lighting can make the path bright enough for people to see what’s going on along the way. Step lanterns can illuminate the path of people from one area to another, such as to the lounge area, to the pools or back to the patio.

LED Bollard Lights

LED bollards are used to mark and illuminate paths. They are usually installed along paths on the grass or near plants.

LED Underground Lights/ Deck Lights

Underground lanterns/wells are usually built into a timber deck and ground and can be used to illuminate specific areas or delineate the boundaries of a flower bed. You can use underground lights in dark rooms to create additional lighting.

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