What should be considered in your swimming pool lighting design? Today we will discuss a few points:

No.1 Consider the lighting of the overall surrounding environment, not just design the swimming pool itself

First of all, the most important but often forgotten thing is that when designing swimming pool lighting, people ignore the lighting of the surrounding environment, and only design the swimming pool itself.

Why consider the whole? One of the reasons is that the brightness of the swimming pool must match the brightness of the surrounding environment. This is also a safety factor to swimming pool lighting.

For example, lifeguards often complain about the large glare caused by the reflection of the ceiling lamp on the water surface of the swimming pool.

swimming pool lighting

We need to keep in mind the three important functions of swimming pool lighting:

>illuminate the floor and sidewalls of the swimming pool

>illuminate swimming people and objects in the water

>illuminate the water itself to produce certain glare effects

The realization of the last one requires small particles or bubbles in the water before the light can be emitted from it.

No.2 Lighting design should be considered in the pool design stage

The second important factor is that the lighting design of the swimming pool should be considered early in the pool design stage.

When the concrete of the swimming pool is poured, but the embedded parts of the lamps are not put in, it is difficult to do, and it is necessary to drill holes in the concrete.

And it is not recommended to install pool lights on the surface in public swimming pools because they are easily damaged.

Repairing swimming pool lamps is very troublesome, so you need to use good quality lamps and long-life light sources, not to mention that the IP rating must reach IP68.

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