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Kon Lighting Bestselling LED Deck Lights

Kon Lighting Is Professional With LED Deck Lights Manufacturing

Kon lighting is a professional manufacturer & supplier of led outdoor lighting include led deck lights. We can be your trusted partner and supports your business with led deck lights for wholesale or Projects.

We offer a good waterproof function IP65/IP67/IP68 deck light to meet different requirements. We also provide customized designs for projects like theme park decoration, swimming pool underwater lighting design.

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About LED Deck Lights

Thanks to the development of LED technology, now we have a much better option for garden decoration. LED deck lights are widely used in the deck or fence or pathway.

They are running under DC low voltage, which is much safer for the public area where people stay. The LED color can be warm white, cold white to create a comfortable atmosphere to make people relax. Also can be made red, green, blue color or RGB changing-color types to bring more active color to the landscape decoration.

The led deck lights can be made waterproof IP65 for outdoor, IP67 available to enable people to walk on, IP68 to enable being used inside the water.

Deck Lights FAQs

Can I use the led deck lights underwater?2021-01-17T21:42:47+08:00

Yes, but only the IP68 waterproof rating led deck lights can be used underwater, not the IP65 or IP67 types.

Are LED deck lights suitable for 220V output?2021-01-17T21:38:07+08:00

Yes, the led deck lights can be made compatible with 220v output or 12V/24V output.

Can people walk on the led deck lights?2021-01-17T21:31:35+08:00

Yes, the IP67 led deck light can support people walking on it with tempered glass and a stainless steel cover.

Can the led deck lights be intalled in concrete?2021-01-17T21:27:18+08:00

Yes, the led deck lights can be installed in concrete, you can build the pre-installation shell into the concrete first, then fix the lamp body in.


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