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Kon Lighting: Your Trusted LED Landscape Lighting Supplier In China

As a leading LED outdoor light manufacturer in China, Kon Lighting is proud of itself as a professional LED facade lighting supplier.

Kon Lighting keeps focusing on the development and manufacturing of LED facade lighting and offers a one-stop solution to support customers in accomplishing different kinds of facade lighting projects. Small or big, we always supply high and stable quality led wall washers, led floodlights, led pixel lights, and other facade lighting to the overseas market. Our LED facade lighting is exported to different lighting contractors or wholesalers from more than 30 countries.

Kon Lighting offers customized designs to meet project requirements, the DMX512 control system is also available to develop based on facade lighting projects.

led facade lighting production

LED Facade Lighting – DMX521 Control

Kon Lighting produces led facade lighting with DMX512 control system available.

We can enable the led facade lighting with more than 16 million different colors, you can adjust the color-changing speed and effect freely, we offer color-changing modes program designed during production based on different projects requirements.

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About LED Facade Lighting

What is LED Facade Lighting?

LED Facade Lighting is a light fixture that is used to illuminate the facade, it helps to localize buildings and plays an important role in architectural expression.

The LED facade lighting can transform a boring building into a real eye-catcher by illuminating the facade with different lighting effects, which can help the building structure stand out in the dark.

LED facade lighting plays an important role as an exterior design element to architectures like buildings, and landmarks.

LED wall washer facade lighting
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