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Kon Lighting: LED Solar Light Supplier in China

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As a professional solar lights supplier in China, Kon lighting may be your best partner in the solar lights wholesale or distribution business.

In the past 6 years, Kon Lighting focused on the production of led solar lights and sold different kinds of solar lights all over the world.

Stable quality is our core advantage over other solar light suppliers.

Every year, we develop new molds of led solar lights based to meet the inquiry from different customers and the market as well.

Top 3 Mistakes You May Make While Buying Solar Lights

As to be an honest and trustworthy solar light supplier in China, Kon Lighting wants to share with you some useful tips while you are buying solar lights from China.

There are some mistakes you may make while purchasing solar lights, especially for new buyers who never buy solar lights before.

Here we want to explain the top 3 mistakes you may make: If you think the solar lights higher power better, or higher brightness better, or higher battery capacity better, you may start to reconsider them all from now on.

How To Know the Solar Lights Quality

LED solar lights are equipment that uses solar power, so it is important for the whole system to work well while charging power from the sunlight, storing power in the solar lights batteries, and lighting up with the battery’s capacity.

Charging efficiency of the solar lights PV panel is one important part, while we also need to consider well the lifespan of the solar lights battery.

Kon lighting provides stable solutions for the whole solar lights system. Every solar light is produced with good quality solar light PV panels and batteries. We ensure the solar lights work well outdoors, and the lasting time and brightness are set properly for the solar lights users.

all in one solar street light

All In One Solar Street Lights Installation

LED all in one solar street lights are easily installed on walls or poles. There is no cable needed to connect to the AC power supply. Just use the fixing accessories sent together with the lamp and follow the instruction.

alll in one solar street light for project

About LED Solar Lights

LED solar lights are light fixtures that be off-grid and use solar energy as power. LED solar light is a lighting system composed of a led lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller. Normally they are with the led light head and solar panel separately or integrated, also call all in one solar lights.

Why The Solar Lights Don’t Work

First of all, we need to understand the principle of solar lights. Solar lights are charged by absorbing sunlight on the solar panel. The solar light’s battery gets power from the sunlight and stores the electricity. The solar lights have LED light sources and a power switch. Only these three conditions work well can ensure the solar lights work in good condition.

FAQs For LED Solar Lights

Two factors that affect solar lights brightness2021-01-29T20:29:15+08:00

No.1 The real working power of solar lights. When people declare the solar light 120w, it is not real 120w, we need to focus on the real working power of the solar light.

No.2 The output of the battery is infected by the wire quality. Good quality solar light wire ensures the good output of the power current from the battery, which can affect the brightness of the solar light as well.

How long is the charging time of a solar light?2021-01-29T20:29:05+08:00

In different regions and different seasons, the solar light charging time needed is different. Normally, if lasting time is more than 3 rainy days required, charging time is longer than 5 hours of usual illuminance supported, that is, about 10 hours of sunlight a day needed.


Is the solar light with higher brightness better?2021-01-29T20:28:56+08:00

Of course not. The total solar light power is equal to lighting brightness × lighting time, so if the total electricity stored in the battery stays the same, the solar light brightness is in reverse proportion to the lighting time of the solar light. The solar light brightness higher, the lasting time shorter. So we need to take into consideration both the solar light brightness and the solar light lasting time.

How to control the ON & OFF of the solar lights?2021-01-29T20:31:25+08:00

Normally there are two ways.

No.1 The solar lights will be automatically on when dusk comes and automatically off when dawn comes.

No.2 We can use the remote control to turn the solar lights on or off.

Can the solar lights be charged without sunlight?2021-01-29T20:31:35+08:00

No. The solar lights photovoltaic panel need to absorb sunlight power, exchange it into electricity, and store it in the battery. If there are many cloudy days or rainy days, the solution is to make the solar lights with higher efficiency photovoltaic and higher battery capacity. Of course, the cost of solar lights will arise at the same time.

How To Know The Quality of Solar Lights?2021-01-29T20:32:39+08:00

No.1 Recharging Capacity of the solar lights Photovoltaic Panels

No.2 Electrical Storage Capacity of the solar lights Battery

No. 3 Light Head Quality of the Solar Lights

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