Kon Lighting: Professional LED Underground Lights Manufacturer In China

As a leading LED outdoor lights manufacturer in China, Kon lighting produces and supplies stable quality of led underground light for facade lighting projects or wholesales.

Most underground lights need to be used outside and buried into the ground, so IP67 dustproof & waterproof is essentially needed, or IP68 better. Underground lights should be done with the IK08 IK09 function for people walking on as well.

We are confident with all our underground lights as we have our own factory producing them, we keep track of every production procedure done well.

Welcome to contact us if you need any underground lights for projects or wholesales.

LED underground lights manufacturer

About LED Underground Lights

What is led underground light:

LED inground lights are lights that be buried into the grounds, need to be waterproof IP67 to avoid wet situation outdoor, it can be uplight fixtures to light up the buildings, landmarks, trees, also they has side light out for pathway or plaza.


IP67 or IP68 dustproof & waterproof. IK08-IK10 to allow people to walk on, cars drive on. Perfect for accenting porch columns or the sides of house or pathway.


Buildings, walls, trees, architectural features, parking lot, shrubs, government projects etc.

underground light application

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