Kon Lighting: Your Reliable Solar Garden Lights Supplier In China

Kon Lighting is one of the most professional solar garden lights suppliers in China.

We have our own factory to manufacture different kinds of solar garden lights, stable quality is our core advantage among competitors. We offer what we promise.

All solar garden lights have 2 years warranty, if we promise 8-10 hours lighting time, all our solar garden lights must have 8-10 hours lighting time.

We have an experienced R&D team to make sure the solar system works well, we offer customized solution to customers if they need special design of solar garden lights for projects.

solar garden light production

About LED Solar Garden Lights

LED solar garden lights become much more popular nowadays and are widely used in gardens. They can light up the garden grass, trees, pathways, patios, etc.

You don’t need timers or press the button every time to turn the solar garden lights on or off. The solar garden lights can be switch on automatically when the sun goes down, and switch off automatically when the sunrise in the morning.

The solar garden lights are solar-powered and very effective when it comes to saving on the electricity bill. They are environmentally friendly and create no headache while installing them, no wiring needed.

Solar Garden Lights Applications

◆  Solar Street Lights: Pathways, corridors, fences, village roads, streets, etc.

◆  Solar Flood Lights: Gardens, garbages, patios, yards, corridors, etc.

◆  Solar Spike Lights: Trees, walls, lawns, stone scapes, etc.

◆  Solar Bollard Lights: Lawns, pathways, parks, gardens, backyards, etc.

◆  Solar Pillar Lights: Doorway, gates, fences, patios, etc.

◆  Solar Flame Lights: Lawns, pathways, doorways, etc.

◆  Solar Deck Lights: Decks, docks, pathways, patios, etc.