solar light for outdoor

While people are using led solar lights, they always are confused that why the solar light brightness is not as bright as expected. For example, they have a 100w solar flood light, its brightness is much lower than a 100W non-solar powered flood light, why?

First of all, you need to understand that solar-powered lights are totally different items, they are powered by batteries, which have limited electrical capacity. Normal led lights are connected to the power supply, which has a constant electrical supply. You can not compare them at wattage, brightness, etc.

In the markets, many solar light shops are selling solar lights with 100W, 200W declared, but in fact, the real power of the solar lights is like 10W, 15W.

It is very common that solar light vendors declare the solar lights with their LED chips wattage, not the real working wattage of the solar lights.

The reason why they are acting like this is that there is no equipment that can test the real working power of the solar lights, many consumers without enough solar light technology knowledge have no idea how to calculate the real power of the solar lights they buy.

As a result, nowadays, there is no standards or regulation telling how people shall declare the wattage of solar lights.

Without rules, people declare them with much higher wattage value based on the market feedback. Many consumers prefer to buy higher wattage as they think it with higher brightness, and most other competitors in the market are selling solar lights marked in high wattage.

Imagine you have a solar lights shop, all the other shops are selling a solar light 100W, you have the same specification as to their solar light, but you sell them with 15W only, what will happen/ Most likely you can’t even sell one out.

It is the true conditions of the solar lights market, everyone is trying to sell the solar lights with much higher declared wattage than they really are.

After knowing about this, now we can answer why the solar light brightness is so low.

Because the brightness is not related to the solar light declared wattage, you shall give up the expectation that the higher the wattage solar light you buy, the much brighter solar light you will get.

The core factor that decides the solar light brightness is the whole solar control system. When the solar light manufacturer designs a solar light system, the current output from the battery to the LEDs QTY and the LEDs efficiency decide the solar light brightness. NOT the wattage you buy.

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