Project Description

Product Features

– Fully submersible and perfectly sealed, waterproof spotlight adds a dazzle of color to pond or fountain

– It comes with LED chips,  120° degree beam angle.

– Available to be mounted vertically or horizontally,  the adjustable stand enables different light out directions.

– Super bright with long lifespan. Easy installation.

Package Info

1 x LED Fountain Light


Aquarium, fountain, swimming pool, pond, water decoration, etc.


Item code Wattage Input Voltage Dimension  IP rating
KL-UW80 3W AC/ DC12V-24V  φ65×150mm IP68
KL-UW120 6W AC/ DC12V-24V φ80×150mm IP68
KL-UW145 9W AC/ DC12V-24V φ120×155mm IP68
KL-UW145 12W AC/ DC12V-24V φ145×140mm IP68
KL-UW190 18W AC/ DC12V-24V φ190×210mm IP68
KL-UW230 36W AC/ DC12V-24V φ230×210mm IP68

RGB Lighting Effect