When people drive on the expressway at night, they can only see the darkness around, except for the car headlamps and the road reflective signs, there is no other light that can be seen, which may cause people to feel no sense of safety. Why is there no street light on the expressway? Will it be safer if there is a street light?

Let’s think about it.

The street lights are designed more for those who do not have the ability to illuminate the night, like non-motor vehicles and pedestrians, to ensure that their safety and convenient travel. Like some bustling cities, they often have a very good street lighting system, not only to facilitate pedestrian travel but also to enable drivers to have a more clear awareness of non-motor vehicles and pedestrians.

However, on the expressway, no pedestrians and non-motor vehicles are allowed to enter. The expressway is designed as a closed road, with nets or railings on both sides to prevent some people or animals from running into the expressway suddenly.

Not like urban roads with mixed road traffic, traffic conditions for the expressway are generally very flat without sharp corners, all in all, the expressway traffic is relatively simple. As long as the drivers pay attention to the road condition and keep a good distance from the cars in front, it is not a big problem.

Some people may want to know: will it be more convenient for an expressway with street lights?

Absolutely not. Because the lighting from the street lights is not continuous, if the drivers are driving on the expressway in a uniform state, the bright and dark street lights may create a fixed rhythm for people’s eyes. It may cause a sense of vertigo, if it lasts for a long time, it will make drivers sleepy. It is undoubtedly very dangerous for drivers who are able to drive 20-30 meters of the car for a second.

Our car has a headlamp, so when there is not enough lighting outside, the car headlamps can provide more secure lighting for the drivers. There is an isolation zone in the middle of the expressway, we don’t have to worry about the headlamps lighting has a bad effect on the cars coming from the opposite side. The ground signs and road signs can be well seen by the drivers under strong light from the headlamps of the car, which ensures enough guide for drivers in the right direction.

Therefore, from the security point of view, the expressway without street lights will not affect the safety of traffic.