Why The Solar Lights Don’t Work?

First of all, we need to understand the principle of solar lights. Solar lights are charged by absorbing sunlight on the solar panel. The solar light’s battery gets power from the sunlight and stores the electricity. The solar lights have LED light sources and a power switch. Only these three conditions work well can ensure the solar lights work in good condition. Similar to a cellphone, we need to make sure the cellphone can get power charged, the cellphone battery can store power, and the cellphone itself can be turned on and work. Now we make the principle of the solar light clear, it is easy for us to understand why the solar lights don’t work.

No.1 The solar lights quality

The solar lights quality is decided by the solar lights manufacturer. Focus on how the solar lights manufacturer produce the solar lights if they use good materials to produce if they take every production procedure carefully enough and if they have strict inspection testing to the solar lights. The main factor is the solar light materials used. As we all know, you get what you pay. If the solar lights manufacturer buys good quality solar panels, LEDs, and batteries, as long as they have the proper technology to produce the solar lights, the quality will be good. If the solar lights manufacturer buy poor quality materials, or their workers are not experienced enough to make every production procedure well, then the finishing quality of the solar lights can’t be ensured.

solar lights sunlight charging

No.2 The Usage of Solar Lights

During the process of solar lights installation and use, improper operation will cause solar lights failure. As mentioned above, there are 3 core factors to ensure the solar lights work: a place with sufficient sunlight, battery power, and whether the lamp is on or off. These three conditions must be met at the same time, and all of them are indispensable to make the solar lights light up normally.

When doing the installation of the solar lights, we need to choose a place with sufficient sunlight.

We need to make sure the solar lights solar panels are under sunlight shinning 6 hours at least. If the shining hours are not enough, the solar light battery will keep releasing the power till it runs out of it. It will cause a shorter lifespan of the solar light battery. What’s more, if the sunlight shining hours are not enough, the battery can not be fully charged, so the solar lights can’t light up the whole night as it supposes to be.

The solar lights can’t light up if there is no power inside the battery, if the solar lights battery run out of power too often, it will increase the battery charge/release power cycles times, leading to the solar lights battery lifespan shorter. In other words, the battery may fail after some months of usage, the solar lights can’t be charged. So even the solar lights get enough sunlight in the day time, no power stored inside the battery, the solar lights can’t light up at night.

Moreover, if the solar lights’ power switch is off, then the solar lights will not light up at night.

No.3 The Maintenance of Solar Lights

How to do the maintenance of the solar lights? There is some suggestion from the solar lights manufacturer:

1.The installation height of the solar lights, normally it will be more than 2 meters high, it will reduce the possibilities that the solar lights are damage by children or other obstacles.

2.Check the solar lights cable and waterproof function Regularly. If any damage founded, need to fix them in time.

3.Clean the solar panel surface regularly, in order to ensure the solar lights charging efficiency. However, we don’t need to do that too frequently, cos the solar lights are installed outside and no occluder above, rain can help clean the surface sometimes.

4.If for the portable solar lights, like solar spike lights, we can change the installation place to make the charge efficiency better, so that we can make the solar lights battery lifespan last longer.

5.Sometimes, we may not need the solar lights to light up at night, then we can turn off the solar lights, then enable the battery has power left to be stored.

Why my solar lights can light up only 2 hours at night?

There are two reasons. One reason is that the battery power stored is not enough, due to not enough sunlight in the daytime, or cloudy days or rainy days happen. The stored battery power can only support the solar lights to light up for 2 hours. Another reason is that the battery quality is not good enough and after beening used for more than 1 year, the battery capacity will be reduced, leading to the solar lights lasting time shorter. To solve this problem, you need to contact the solar lights supplier for a new battery changed or send them back to the solar lights manufacturer to change the battery for you.

Why my solar lights are out of control?

If the solar lights can’t be controlled by the remote controller, which probably is the remote control problem, then you need to get a new remote control. If the solar lights can’t automatically on/off based on lighting change, the problem will be lighting control mode failure, you need to send them back to the solar lights manufacturer for test and fix.

Why the color-changing solar lights can’t change colors?

One reason will be the remote controller problem, need to check if the color-changing solar lights can be controlled by another remote control, if still not, get a new one. Another reason is the LED chips problem, contact the solar lights supplier for replacement, or contact the solar lights manufacturer to fix.

Why my solar lights have water inside?

The solar lights should be IP65 or more for outdoor use, some solar lights manufacturers don’t produce them with good IP65 waterproof function, so water goes inside. In this case, you should contact the solar lights suppliers for new solar light replacement.

Why my solar lights led flashing?

If the solar lights led flashing, it may be caused by the LED chips failure or the PCB problem. If the wire connection was done not good by the solar lights manufacturer, this problem will happen. Again, contact your solar lights supplier to fix them.

More Frequently Asked Questions:

How to control the ON & OFF of the solar lights?2021-01-29T20:31:25+08:00

Normally there are two ways.

No.1 The solar lights will be automatically on when dusk comes and automatically off when dawn comes.

No.2 We can use the remote control to turn the solar lights on or off.

Can the solar lights be charged without sunlight?2021-01-29T20:31:35+08:00

No. The solar lights photovoltaic panel need to absorb sunlight power, exchange it into electricity, and store it in the battery. If there are many cloudy days or rainy days, the solution is to make the solar lights with higher efficiency photovoltaic and higher battery capacity. Of course, the cost of solar lights will arise at the same time.

How To Know The Quality of Solar Lights?2021-01-29T20:32:39+08:00

No.1 Recharging Capacity of the solar lights Photovoltaic Panels

No.2 Electrical Storage Capacity of the solar lights Battery

No. 3 Light Head Quality of the Solar Lights

Two factors that affect solar lights brightness2021-01-29T20:29:15+08:00

No.1 The real working power of solar lights. When people declare the solar light 120w, it is not real 120w, we need to focus on the real working power of the solar light.

No.2 The output of the battery is infected by the wire quality. Good quality solar light wire ensures the good output of the power current from the battery, which can affect the brightness of the solar light as well.

How long is the charging time of a solar light?2021-01-29T20:29:05+08:00

In different regions and different seasons, the solar light charging time needed is different. Normally, if lasting time is more than 3 rainy days required, charging time is longer than 5 hours of usual illuminance supported, that is, about 10 hours of sunlight a day needed.


Is the solar light with higher brightness better?2021-01-29T20:28:56+08:00

Of course not. The total solar light power is equal to lighting brightness × lighting time, so if the total electricity stored in the battery stays the same, the solar light brightness is in reverse proportion to the lighting time of the solar light. The solar light brightness higher, the lasting time shorter. So we need to take into consideration both the solar light brightness and the solar light lasting time.

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